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Time for me grant - Purple Wings Charity

Our ‘Time for me grants’ offer ostomates the chance to regain some much-needed confidence and self-esteem.  PW has created a niche support group for people with a stoma.

Anyone who has a stoma will know that it can leave you feeling exhausted and lacking self-worth.  Having stoma surgery can also leave you feeling that your body image has changed and all in all it is a lot for anyone to mentally manage.  Here at PW we want to help you see that you can still ‘live’ and not just ‘exist’.

A grant can be anything from a spa treatment to a shopping trip, an experience day or even a mini-break for a couple or family.  We hope that after the grant that you will start to focus on the things you CAN do, rather than the negatives.  A stoma can be permanent – isn’t it about time you started embracing a fabulous life?

“I suffered a huge confidence knock when I had my stoma.  Lauren talked to me and offered for PW to fund a hernia protection belt.  It meant I could get back to the gym knowing I was protecting myself as best I could from a hernia.  It was a great boost.  On top of this, PW organised a karting event with all my friends.  I had hidden myself away but having the kick up the bum to go made me realise that I need to still live my life and not shut myself away!”


“I have a stoma and suffered a long, horrid IBD journey previous to this.  I still have bad days but my ‘Time for me grant’ really helped me to focus on my family – just what I should be doing!  It was lovely to have some time together at our mini family break.  Thank you PW!”


If you would like to apply for a grant download the Application Form